Music of the Night

12 Aug, 20:00
Domen, Inge Lehmanns Gade 2, 8000 Aarhus


Josef Suk: Serenade

Ernest Bloch: From Jewish Life

A. Corelli: Fatto per la notte di natale

Astor Piazzolla: Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas


An old proverb says that “the day has eyes, the night has ears”, and there lies a deep truth in the fact that darkness makes us listen better and hear more. It is therefore perhaps not accidental that the night appears as one of the most important themes in music history that often inspired composers to write some of their most personal and fascinating music. For this concert we have therefore chosen to set out on a journey through the night, from darkness starts to creep in till the first light of day, from dusk to dawn.

We will begin with a piece of evening music - a serenade - by Josef Suk. The music of this Czech composer has experienced a bit of renaissance over recent years, but his Serenade for Strings has perhaps always been his most loved piece - with good reason. After Suk’s carefree summer mood, the next piece will lead us towards meditation and evening prayer: From Jewish Life by Ernest Bloch consists of the three movements Prayer, Supplication and Jewish Song, that in ensemble evokes the spirits of the deep Jewish tradition, for which sunset and the night traditionally marks the beginning of the cycle of night and day.

The ideas of night as a starting point for a new beginning, darkness and chaos as the prerequisites of light and kosmos, are also present in one of the most well-known pieces of night music. Arcangelo Corelli gave his Concerto Grosso op. 6, no. 8 the inscription Fatto per la notte di natale (made for the night of Christmas), and we will invite our fellow night-travelers to hear this as a little more than christmas music. Finally, for the late night and the early morning hours, we will go to Buenos Aires and listen to Cuatro estaciones porteñas (The four seasons) by Astor Piazzolla - the master of Argentine tango whose centenary we are celebrating this year. These four pieces form a portrait of Piazzollas Buenos Aires - a city of tango, where the sunrise is something one stays awake to see - while dancing tango. We hope you will keep us company on this musical journey through the night.


Soloists: Nicolas Sublet, violin and Gabriella C. S. Fuglsig, cello