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        How about an ensemble? What if our love for music, our passion for music could be transmitted directly into the hearts of the audience making them feel the joy of sharing precious moments? Shared moments that would be carried in our hearts and be turned into humming, into smiles and into memories. What if the joy could be transmitted between worlds and between the different realities in the universe we all share? What if Hermes could be a messenger between all these?

Ensemble Hermes is an Aarhus-based music collective run by six young string players. The group performs in all kinds of chamber music constellations and also regularly invites friends and colleagues to take part in various productions to form a full string- or even symphony orchestra. Ensemble Hermes generally plays without conductor and always cultivates a listening, attentive and chamber musical approach to the music. By thus shortening the distance between music and musicians, it is our goal through greater personal commitment to shape deeper musical understandings, and transform these into intense concert experiences for our audience.

The core of our work is presence. We want to encounter a wide audience at eye level and our goal is to share musical moments and stories, so that everyone listening will leave the concert enriched with an uplifting and intimate experience. The vision of Ensemble Hermes is to explore how we as musicians can become a living part of our community, by playing in multifarious places and meeting everyone in the audience at eye level without compromising on the quality and depth of the music.

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